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    The Same DNA

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    MonDec122016 ByBishop Horace E. Smith, M.D.TaggedNo tags

    All blood cells in our bodies come from a single source: pluripotent, or hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), which are formed in the bone marrow and contain cells with long-term and short-term regeneration capacities. Each of the types of cells in our blood has different structures and functions, but they all are created at the same source. Each of the billions of cells in the bloodstream of a human body has a unique role, but they share the same DNA. 

    God has orchestrated the human body to create and place the right cells in the right places at the right times to keep us healthy. In the same way, the body of Christ is made up of billions of Christians who are diverse in their ethnicity, cultural backgrounds, talents, and abilities, but each one was “birthed” at the single source of spiritual life, the HSC of Christ’s blood. 

    In the study of the function of B and T lymphocytes in AIDS patients, doctors realized that the body was overwhelmed with the virus when the number of T cells fell below a critical level. This led to the discovery that the body has the ability to regulate the production of various cells, and even to redirect fully mature, functioning cells, such as B cells, to mutate and become a different type of cell, T cells.

    In the body of Christ, the Lord gives us the ability to adapt to the changing needs in our environment so that we take advantage of opportunities to expand the kingdom, teach truth to counter the destructive force of deception, and heal the hurts of wounded people. Jesus Christ is our HSC, the hematopoietic stem cell from which all of us originate.
    When we’re born again, the Spirit inserts his spiritual DNA, the nature of Christ, into us, forming us into particular “cells” in his body, mutating us when needs arise, and using us to nurture, protect, and heal his body. 
    We may be black or white, Chinese or Indian, Pentecostal or Baptist, rich or poor, expressive in praise or reflective, worshiping in mega-churches or in storefronts—but we all are formed from a single source to accomplish his purposes. In the inter-working of cells in our blood, each type performs various functions in very different ways, but we’d die if each cell doesn't fulfill its purpose.

    In the same way, we need to learn to appreciate—instead of despise—the contributions of each person in the body of Christ—even those who are far different from us. 


    What difference does it make to understand that all of us come from the same spiritual source, just like all types of cells in the blood all come from HSCs?
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    Blood Works DevotionalThere Is Power In The Bloodby In Blood Works, Dr. Horace Smith explains the power of common grace and special grace to prompt true worship and transform our relationships with God and the people around us.