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    The vision of the Apostolic Faith Church Ministry is to transform people into fully functioning missionaries for Christ. 



    It is our mission at the Apostolic Faith Church to worship and glorify the Lord God and to create a Christian community of transformed followers of Jesus Christ. We further commit to worship together and work with each other to win souls to Christ and disciple believers so that Christ becomes pre-eminent in every life.



    God has shown us favor and grace from generation to generation. The legacy of our church has been passed on through faithful people to us. We commit to continue this legacy through:


    We commit ourselves to share Christ through witnessing and the biblical preaching of God's word for salvation.


    We commit ourselves to Glorify God through music, the creative arts, the spoken word and prayer.


    We commit ourselves to the systematic instruction of Godly principles that leads to genuine discipleship and accountability. This teaching will be age appropriate and needs specific.


    We commit ourselves to be people who trust and nurture each other and are valued, free and safe in all relationships so that even when we confess our sins to one another we are received and encouraged to victory. Our commitment to these principles represents our accountability to our God and our community.


    We commit ourselves to use our God given talents and abilities to reach out to our neighbors in compassion and humility through tangible works in order to make a meaningful contribution to the Body of Christ and the communities we serve.


    We commit ourselves to worship God through the consistent giving of time, talents and treasures of tithes, offerings and other gifts.

    At AFC, we love to tell the Story of what GOD has done in our lives!