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    The Bereavement Ministry offers warm, professional service during each stage of the bereavement process.
    We welcome all who come to the altar for prayer and spiritual guidance.
    Maintaining God’s house is essential to the character of the church and must be given quality care
    The C.A.R.E. Ministry provides pastoral care to the congregation and its families
    The Children's Ministry caters to our youth in elementary school
    We help teach and train the Body of Christ through Sunday School, Elective Classes and other specific training
    The Communion Ministry consists of women who serve during each celebration of the Lord’s Supper
    The CORE ministries focus on the needs of our members at each step in their lives
    We worship and glorify God through the creative arts and deliver  life-changing messages 
    We help support ministry events by providing food service and establishing an environment where Christian fellowship, learning, and meeting productivity can occur
    We serve the homeless and under-served communities in Chicago
    This group of volunteer interpreters serve those who are hearing impaired during all of our worship services
    These ministries were created to further our God-given mandate to work with each other to win souls to Christ and disciple believers 
    Girls Growing Gracefully in God is for young ladies ages 10-19
    Healthcare Professionals aid in medical situations and offer special events and activities to increase your healthcare awareness
    A cheerful and sincere smile is the force behind this hard-working committee
    Our FLE Ministry offers one-on-one financial literacy counseling as well as a 6-week group course 
    The Media Department’s mission is to bring the Gospel to the world using the latest in media and technology
    The AFC Men’s Ministry exists to strengthen Christian men and to empower them to be the men that God has called them to be 
    We use physical demonstrations to serve as a visual representation of a silent proclamation
    We provide training and development for individuals to become effective ministers and leaders.
    The Great Commission (Matthew 28) is to “GO!” … and that is what the missionaries do.

    We aim to bring all people into a covenant-relationship with Him through music
    Members of this ministry schedule, organize and orchestrate the program for the induction and celebration of New Members into the AFC Family
    We encourage, equip and assist prisoners, ex-offenders and their families to grow toward greater godliness and commitment to Jesus Christ and His church
    We respond to The Great Commission through deliberate outreach in our community and to our local shelters and prisons
    Positive Singularity is dedicated to the emotional and spiritual growth of single adults
    We use a nonverbal form of communication to reach all cultures and languages with the message of the Gospel 
    We are committed to the call of God to be engaged in constant contact with God through prayer
    Project Warmth’s mission is to provide coats and gifts to those in need during the winter months
    We encourage and support married couples to model the scriptures by providing spiritual leadership and resources 
    We are committed to serving the spiritual, financial and academic needs of young people, and to reinforcing their aspirations toward achievement in higher education.
    Men and Women of this ministry have specialized training to protect our brothers and sisters with excellence
    We connect with seniors through monthly events that provide spiritual encouragement, social engagement, along with fitness, health and other educational training
    The Service Ministries are essential to the operations, safety and health of our church family.
    This ministry provides spiritual guidance referencing personal, spiritual, family and work issues and concerns
    We present the gospel of Jesus Christ to people from all walks of life in a biblical, compelling and compassionate way
    Theatre Arts Ministry team members share modern day parables creatively and in the spirit of excellence
    The Toddler Ministry provides a safe, comfortable and pleasant place for parents to bring toddlers, ages 2-6
    We are a uniformed group of committed saints, providing order and direction in the sanctuary
    We connect members of Apostolic Faith Church through intentional efforts with areas of ministry that need their help
    Wedding Coordinators are here to serve you as you plan your Wedding
    This is a life-changing, dynamic, support group for women of all ages
    We serve those ages 19-35 during times of fellowship, career development, and seminars on Christian living
    Young Men Enlighten Now is for all young men ages 7 - 19 
    This ministry helps meet the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of youth 35 years old and younger