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    If you need assistance from one of our Ministers or trained counselors,
    please call 773-373-8500 and someone will connect with you.


    We commit ourselves to:

    • Visit the ill at home, in hospitals and long-term care facilities
    • Support those going through life crises
    • Maintain contact with those who are unable to attend church due to illness or disability
    • Support members of the congregation and their families involved in care-giving
    We welcome all who come to the altar for prayer and spiritual guidance.
    The Bereavement Ministry offers warm, professional service during each stage of the bereavement process.
    We provide training and development for individuals to become effective ministers and leaders.
    We are committed to the call of God to be engaged in constant contact with God through prayer
    This ministry provides spiritual guidance referencing personal, spiritual, family and work issues and concerns
    We connect members of Apostolic Faith Church through intentional efforts with areas of ministry that need their help
    Upcoming Events
    FriFridayOctOctober6th2017 First Friday Prayer 10/06/2017 Every first Friday of the month we join as a unified body in Prayer. All are welcome to join us from 6:30am until 7:30am on the First Friday of each month. If you can't be here, you can call-in to... More
    Director of Ministry
    (773) 373-8500291
    FaithWorks Wednesday, October 18th @ 6pm Thursday, October 19th @ 6pm... More
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