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    The Discipleship ministries were created to further our God-given mandate to work with each other to win souls to Christ and disciple believers so that Christ becomes pre-eminent in every life.

    We help teach and train the Body of Christ through Sunday School, Elective Classes and other specific training
    Our FLE Ministry offers one-on-one financial literacy counseling as well as a 6-week group course 
    Members of this ministry schedule, organize and orchestrate the program for the induction and celebration of New Members into the AFC Family
    We are committed to serving the spiritual, financial and academic needs of young people, and to reinforcing their aspirations toward achievement in higher education.
    Upcoming Events
    SatSaturdayOctOctober14th2017 Chicago National College Fair Outing 10/14/2017 Our Scholarship Committee is planning an outing to the Chicago National College Fair on Saturday, October 14 th Before heading to the event, the students will have an orientation with the committee... More
    Director of Ministry
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