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    Volunteer Ministry

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    The mission of the Volunteer Ministry is to connect members of Apostolic Faith Church through intentional efforts with areas of ministry. We share the vision with leadership of connecting volunteers for Kingdom Building through relationships and retention.

    To see a list of ways to serve at AFC, please visit our Opportunities page!

    We like to affectionately call this our Volunteer W.O.R.K.S. (Worth Our Reasonable Service) Ministry and we create a spiritual atmosphere where people who have heard the call to servant-hood can become connected for kingdom building.  Our core scripture is found in Romans 12:1-8.  We encourage members to produce fruit by getting involved. Fruit causes unity, ministry, and creates an environment for people to receive the “Word of God”. 

    Let us help you utilize your gifts in Kingdom Building!

    Director of Ministry
    (773) 373-8500291