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    Children's Ministry

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    The Children's Ministry caters to
    our youth in elementary school
    between the ages of 6 and 12 years old.

    This group help plans our Sunday Youth Worship which provides
    age-appropriate activities including songs, games and arts and crafts.
    This ministry also leads our Wednesday Homework Help at 6:30pm and Wednesday Youth Bible Class at 7:30pm.

    Each Sunday, we invite all youth to our Youth Worship Services, which we like to call:

    Worship, Word & Wisdom


     We worship God with our creativity through music, dance and creative arts


    We learn God’s Word through mentors who preach so I can understand


    We experience God in small groups with our peers as we share real-life experiences and learn from each other
    Director of Ministry
    (773) 373-8500291
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