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    Young Men Enlighten Now

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    Y.M.E.N. (Young Men Enlighten Now) offers various seminars, recreational activities and mentorship for young men.

    It is this ministry’s objective to produce responsible, Christ-like and well informed young men; decrease the number of delinquent juveniles by giving young men constructive activities year round and fill in the gap in single parent and neglected households.
    Upcoming Events
    SatSaturdayOctOctober21st2017 YMEN Monthly Session 10/21/2017 All young men (regardless of membership) are invited to YMEN each 3rd Saturday, during Super Saturday. Meet us at the church at 11:00am and get ready for sports, games, and real talk with real... More
    Director of Ministry
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    Super Saturday Super Saturday is the 3rd Saturday of each month and there... More
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