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    Teen Ministry

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    The mission of the Teen Ministry is to disciple and equip teens to be the light of the world and salt of the earth.

    Our goal is to restore, build up and equip teens to be what 
    God has called them to be and skillfully use the Word of God to meet their needs 
    and the needs of others, thus impacting their world.

    Teens are welcomed in Youth Worship on the 2nd floor during all of our Sunday Worship Services.   

    Each Sunday, we invite all youth to our Youth Worship Services, which we like to call:

    Worship, Word & Wisdom


     We worship God with our creativity through music, dance and creative arts


    We learn God’s Word through mentors who preach so I can understand


    We experience God in small groups with our peers as we share real-life experiences and learn from each other

    Director of Ministry
    (773) 373-8500291
    Youth Worship All youth from ages 18 months to 18 years are invited to... More