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    FriMar182016 ByBishop Horace E. Smith, M.D.TaggedNo tags
    I believe that a good understanding of blood in the human body opens our eyes to spiritual insights that can transform our relationships with God and with each other. And when we begin to grasp the true significance of Jesus’ blood that was shed to pay for our sins, our hearts are filled with the dual necessities of true spirituality—humility and thankfulness.
    Far from barbaric, blood is truly beautiful. Too often today, people pit faith against science. They reasonably reject Darwinian theories of unguided evolution, a concept that begins with the presupposition that there is no God, but instead of becoming better students of astronomy, archaeology, geology, anatomy, and other important pursuits, they discount science as “sub-Christian” or “anti-Christian.” Science isn't an adversary of faith. Properly understood, it opens our minds and hearts to the wonder of God’s creative design, and it inspires our faith rather than eroding or threatening it.

    The human body reveals the genius and complexity of God’s design. Subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, and cells perform an intricate dance of power and precision. Cells in our bodies are born to die—some living only a very short time, but others are capable of surviving for a hundred years. We may think that we don’t change much from day to day, but in a millionth of a second, a trillion atoms in our bodies are replaced, and all of these transitions happen so seamlessly that we don’t even notice. The precision and beauty of the way our bodies function is a work of genius. We are incredible machines!
    Because of God’s amazing design, we think, eat, sleep, work, play, exercise, and build relationships with others without the slightest idea of the amazingly complex changes happening each second in our brains, muscles, skeletons, circulation, and organs. Quite often when I look through a microscope at a slide of a patient’s blood, I’m reminded of how marvelous God’s creation really is, and too, how fragile we are in a fallen world. 


    When was the last time you looked through a telescope or microscope?
    Did it inspire a sense of amazement?

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    Blood Works DevotionalThere Is Power In The Bloodby In Blood Works, Dr. Horace Smith explains the power of common grace and special grace to prompt true worship and transform our relationships with God and the people around us.