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    Local and International Missions work is a major focus of the Apostolic Faith Church. 

    On Christmas Day we were blessed to serve hundreds of families and the Chicago local news teams took notice!

    Click here to link to the news coverage from ABC channel 7 in Chicago


    And click here to link to the news coverage from CBS channel 2 in Chicago!

    Bishop and Sister Smith, along with a team from Apostolic Faith Church were blessed to be able to minister to the people of India in February of 2012. This is just a first look into the ministry that took place, to the Glory of God!

    The Missions work of Apostolic Faith Church is not just international.  We are always working in our local community to share the message of Christ and to help end the violence in Chicago.  Each year we host a free after-school program and a low-cost summer program to help keep our children off the streets when they are not in school.  We also partner with community organizations to address the ongoing problem of gun violence in Chicago.  During the summer of 2012, we joined with others to march against violence as we continue in providing care and education for the children in our area so that they can share the message with their families and community.

    Through our partnership with World Vision, Apostolic Faith Church supports many projects in the Southern Countries of Africa and around the world.  Take a look at the medical, social, and spiritual work that takes place during Bishop and Sister Smith's missions trips.


    Our Missions Partners

    We invite you to visit World Vision to learn more about child sponsorship.

    We partner with the Changing Life Education Initiative here in Chicago to offer food programs, after-school and summer programs for students, and violence-prevention education to all.

    If you would like to help support these efforts, please visit our Give page.