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On Sunday, December 2nd we will celebrate the completion of our 3rd 3-Year Pledged Giving towards our Building Fund!
Join us at 8am and 11am

Pictures of our Worship Center & Ministry Complex


The Apostolic Faith Church was founded over a century ago and from generation to generation, the AFC family has steadily continued to build on this solid foundation of worship, faith, and service.


Today, under the leadership of our pastor, Bishop Horace E. Smith, M.D., the AFC family is poised to continue this unwavering legacy of faith well into the 21st century.  

Our new 68,000 square feet facility serves as a beacon of hope and a safe haven for our entire community and the city, at large.


We pray that you will share this journey with us, as we continue this strong legacy of faith and service, to all people, for generations to come.


We are a multi-generational church that believes in investing in our youth, who are 100 percent of our future. Our Faith building project will expand all of the outreach programs and give our community a secure and valuable resource for spiritual support, education, and recreation, for all ages


We broke ground for our Faith Building project on the northeast corner of Indiana and Pershing Road in October of 2015.

Our new Worship Center and Ministry Complex opened on November 26, 2017.

AFC Construction

AFC Construction

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