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May 11th CLife Discussion Questions:

A Walk through the Holy Land: Jerusalem

After reading today's devotional, reflect and consider the following with your small group:

  • Reflect and consider with a deep level of transparency and rate yourself in the areas of “abiding with God” and “peace with God and others”. 1….3…..5…..7….10 (1-dissatified, 10-Completely Satisfied)

  • Reflect on your relationship and fellowship with God, how do you respond daily to his invitation to abide with him?

  • Reflect on both inward and external battles for peace in your daily living, what would it take to gain peace?

  • Who are the person(s) that you are in conflict with, how would a refocus on Jesus help you to gain peace?

Each Congregational Life Group takes time to do a community service project in their local neighborhood to show God's love and build relationships.