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The 100 Years 100 Stories book and its companion DVD give a first-person account narrating the compelling history of one of Chicago’s oldest and most respected religious institutions, The Apostolic Faith Church (AFC), located in the Bronzeville community on Chicago’s Southside. AFC (a/k/a “38th Street) has only had three pastors in its one-hundred-year history. The Apostolic Faith Church began in 1906 when a small dedicated band of committed Believers unwaveringly embraced their transformative faith and wholeheartedly believed in God for a life-changing ministry.


The 100 Years DVD will enrich every faith-filled Believer’s personal library. Featuring testimonials dealing with sudden death, overcoming church conflict, and rebuilding after devastating destruction are all contained in this documentary; which encourages us to always trust God, never give up and to remember that Faith Works!

100 Years 100 Stories Book & Companion DVD

  • ISBN:978-1-68184-002-4


  • UPC: 9781681840024

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